Portrait Locations in Perth

When choosing a portrait photography location, there are several factors that I consider, such as the lighting and background.

In regards to lighting you are looking for diffused, natural light so shaded areas are ideal. You want interesting textured backgrounds that don’t distract from the person you are photographing. Here are a few of my favourite places:


Fremantle offers the most diverse range of backdrops in the one location. Being a colonial port town it has a lot of old buildings as well as rustic bars and walls covered in graffiti. It also has a beautiful harbour and beach.

Kings Street, Perth

The area around Kings Street not only has a variety of high end shops but also some great alleyways and graffiti lanes which make for some great backdrops.

Trigg Beach

Just north or south of the main surfing beach you can find a quieter spot that makes for some great portraits of the beach, sand dunes and even fences. There’s no shade so, to avoid hard shadows and your subjects squinting, it is best to organise your shoot for around sunset.