More Tips for Beautiful Family Photos

More Tips for Beautiful Family Photos by One Sky Photography

Try different angles

Most of us take photos at eye level, which means all our family portraits look the same. Just by bending your knees or shooting from a different perspective will give you much more dynamic images.


Try getting down low to see the world from your child’s point of view.

Keep the family close

Family portraits are all about relationship and connection so I always advise students attending my photography courses to get their family to squish in a bit tighter.


I took this photo of my mum and I using a tripod and timer.


Get them moving

If they are going to stand, get them moving. Perhaps walking or running together towards the camera. It often results in a lot of candid laughs. Living in Perth we are fortunate to have so many beautiful locations for photography. Some of my favorite locations include Scarborough Beach, Fremantle, East Perth, Leederville, Kings Park and Perth city.

My nieces, Carley and Ciaan enjoying the afternoon at the Swan River, Perth.


Father and son enjoying a day on the beach.


If you want to learn how to use your camera and improve your photography I have a variety of beginners photography classes and courses in Perth, Cottesloe Beach, East Perth and Fremantle. Just visit

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