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Have you got an office camera that no one really knows how to use? If you’re just stuck on Auto mode then you’re not capturing the best images to represent your business.

Photography workshops are a fun and interactive way for your employees to spend an afternoon together, while learning a skill that will last a lifetime. It also means they will have the ability to capture great images of your next corporate events, staff portraits etc that can contribute to your marketing and social media.

Workshops can be arranged at your business or on location.


Session 1: Selecting the best camera mode for getting bright, sharp images every time.

  • Photographing different subjects from people, scenes and products
  • Photographing movement (Freezing or blurring action)
  • How to photograph in really contrasty lighting scenarios e.g bright sky and dark foreground
  • How to adjust your exposure
  • Selecting your focus point and blurring the background

Additional Sessions: Hone your skills on one area of photography. Choose from the following:

  • Event Photography
  • Staff Portraits
  • Content for Social Media
  • Product Photography


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Available weekdays and Saturdays

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Give the skills to capture a lifetime of great moments.

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