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Suitable for absolute beginners, we will get off automatic mode and learn the most important buttons and functions on your camera. F stops, ISO and shutter speeds will be explained in simple English without the technical jargon. The class rotates between teaching and doing. Examples and demonstrations are put into practise as we photograph Elizabeth Quay.

By the end of the class you will be competent in using your camera in the various shooting modes. You can expand your knowledge to include manual mode by joining week 2 for $65. (View here: Know Your Camera Course – 2 Weeks).

Upcoming Classes

Saturday, 27th April 9am – 12pm

Saturday, 18th May 9am – 12pm

Saturday, 8th June 9am – 12pm


  • Get off auto mode and learn how to use your camera
  • How to photograph in really contrasty lighting scenarios e.g. bright sky and dark foreground
  • How to take amazing long exposure photos e.g. a silky waterfall or light trails
  • Understand light and exposure
  • Exposure (ISO, Shutter speeds, F stops)
  • Photographing different subjects from landscapes to portraits through an understanding of depth of field.
  • Photographing movement (Freezing or blurring action)

Class Size

1 – 5 students (to enable personalized teaching)


No prior photography knowledge is required.

Meeting Point

Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth 6000

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