Best Photography Locations in Perth

Fremantle Photography Course Perth

Perth has no shortage of beautiful places for landscape photography. Generally speaking the best time for landscape images is at either sunset or sunrise. Some of my favourite locations include:


If you were going to choose one photography location to capture a variety of unique images it should be Fremantle (picture above). The beautiful heritage buildings, the industrial port and harbour provide so many photographic locations within a short walk.

Cottesloe Beach

Probably the most famous beach in Perth, Cottesloe is a great location for iconic images of the groin and Indiana Tea rooms.

Cottesloe Photography Course

North beach

North beach jetty is a local landmark and an awesome foreground when photographing the setting sun. Fishermen casting a line make a great silhouette.

Landscape Photography Course


John Oldham Park

Located between Kings Park and the city. Although it is a very central location it is surprisingly less well known than other parks in the area. The park has a beautiful waterfall and is also popular with bird photographers.

Perth Landscape Photography Course

Scarborough Beach

This beach is popular beach with surfers and tourists and has seen a lot of development in recent years. The new pool, restaurants and artwork provide lots of photographic opportunities.

Scarborough Landscape Photography Course

Kings Park

Its elevated position overlooking Perth and the Swan River has made it one of the most popular locations for tourists. It is a massive park with a large variety of plants. It is especially popular during the Spring flower festival.

Kings Park Photography Course-1

Photography Courses in Perth

I’m passionate about teaching people how to use their camera to capture great moments. I’ve planned a series of photography workshops for beginners, around Perth. Spend an afternoon with me and learn how to use your camera to capture some beautiful moments. View my courses here or call me on 045 222 1133

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